Welcome to the Net.Weight project

Simply, we attempt to carefuly chose an essay regarding net ciriticism, and write footnotes to it.

At first, the contributions will be written by invitation, and then the forum will be opened for all web users.

Few deadlines will be attached to this proces, and they are ment to provoke velocity and fast change of subjects (once a month, twice a year...?).

The first starting text is "Utopian Promisses - Net Realities" by Chicago based Critical Art Ensemble.

This choice is the answer to Vladimir Kopicl, editor of Novi Sad (Serbia) based magazine "Transkatalog", who invited me to edit a ten page contribution for an issue, loosely dedicated to cyberpunk literature and questions of pomo criticism. Well, since I had the oportunity to discover that californian myoptimist discourse is dominating, the choice of CAE seemed the only possible, in spite the fact that their text have allready undergone critical readings.

The essay "Utopian Promisses - Net Realities" was prepared as adress to Interface 3, also presented on the Nettime mailing list, and published in the first Nettime book called ZKP, the essay can also be found at Howard Rheingolds personal page. I suggest you try this link for more on CAE. Well, they actually have a home page too.

vuk cosic

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