rigusrs publishing programmes


already published:
Vol. 1. Contributions Towards the Definition of the Typology and Topology of Slovenian Mediterranean Artist, edited by Vuk Cosic, Alenka Pirman, Irena Wölle.

in preparation:
Vol. 2. Slovenian Artist's Migratory Patterns in Slovenian Mountains, edited by Vuk Cosic, Alenka Pirman, Irena Wölle.
The evidence of migratory habits and a series of essays by domestic and foreign scholars are offered in order to present this important aspect of Slovenian artistic practice.


in preparation:
Slovenian Artist at Home, edited by Alenka Pirman, published in co-operation with the Domestic Research Institute
With this publication RIGUSRS is entering the collaboration with the Domestic Research Institute, where it has ordered a research into the domestic habits of Slovenian Mediterranean Artist, so that a thorough behavioural analysis of SMA could be continued. The publication also presents an extensive panorama of the Slovenian Mediterranean Artist's family.

Toilet Sign Aesthetics and Distribution in Slovenia, by Irena Wölle
A unique and insightful study of traditional and modern toilet signs in all geomorphologic zones of the Republic of Slovenia, illustrated with hundreds of examples of men, women, and unisex labels.


in preparation:
The Slovenian Mediterranean Metre, a Photographic Journey, collected by Miha Škrlep
The RIGUSRS initiative for the establishment of the Slovenian Mediterranean Metre provoked many reactions, and this luxurious monograph documents the historic struggle of Slovenian people, with all the difficult and glorious moments. Photographic bravura is accompanied with a study by our renowned historian and fleeceologist Borut Brumen that sheds new light to less known details of the SMM battle that has marked this century.

The Ecology of the Slovenian Mediterranean Artist's Biotopos in the Year of the Jubilee
This volume, planned for the year of the Great Jubilee, offers statistical and other scientific data answering the dilemmas about the Slovenian forests donations preparations of Vatican Celebrations. Statements of most Slovenian Artists are collected and analysed by our top scientists.