Forward into the Past
video and commentaries

The video film speaks about the problem of our understanding of the distant past, presenting through a concrete example of the 23rd century archaeology. The leading character is a professor, which so much engrossed in his own knowledge that he fails to notice that his favourite student is nothing but an ordinary obtuse upstart. He takes the student to one of the main archaeological sites of the time, where beside material remains from the past, live so-called plastoses. And it is to these creatures that the student-bluffer, obtuse as he is, just cannot resist.
In video film Marko Kovacic used elements from exhibition Forth into the Past as sets for a film.

director: Marko A. Kovacic;
producers: Eva Rohrman, Andrej Kregar;
screenplay: Andrej Rozman - Roza;
featuring: Andrej Rozman - Roa, Sebastjan Staric, Marko A. Kovacic;
director of photography: Andrej Lupinc;
editor: Iztok Suc;
sound: Boris Romih;
costumes: Katarina Nikolov;
sets: Marko A. Kovacic;
light: Vito Borenovic;
narrator: Alojz Svete;
make-up: Alan Hranitelj;
hair styling: Meta podkrajsek;
music: 2227;
supported by: Ministry of Culture, MOL - Oddelek za kulturo;
production: V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana & Video Produkcija Kregar;
duration: 10 minutes
format: Betacam SP, Digital D3 Mastering

It is not only Kovacic's objects that are recycled, but also images; objects pass into images (Heroes), images become...