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On May 21st and 22nd, in Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy, a gentle conversation is being organized by Ljubljana Digital Media Lab with the title " per se"
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Preliminary closing numbers:
Market Report: Dow closes up 9.61 to 5635.05
NASDAQ closes up 5.73 to 1239.29

Digest of today's news

ValuJet crash

oxygen canister

Large pieces recovered from crashed ValuJet



Whitewater case goes to the jury

So, What's New About Art?
AllPolitics: Art without social involvement is impossible
World: There's no more abroad today
World: all online communities are communicating
World: and everybody recals democracy
World: as if the technology itself will install it.
World: It is simply impossible to claim that .
U.S.: The dominant viewpoint in America
U.S.: can be described as Myoptimism,
U.S.: and Richard Barbrook has good ways of saying that.
CNNfn: Cash remains the main limit, no way around that.
Technology: And technology only helps underline the differences.
Music: We'll be listening to this song for a long time.
Style: In so many different ways.
Sports: Up next: Orlando vs Chicago
Sports: Baseball '96

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Like in the Camcorder Revolution, the artist devoted to the more advanced and intense art experience now has the production means in his hands. The difference is that today he also controls the distribution.

Olympic kayakers discover Southern hospitality along the Ocoee river

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