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Folk Tales

The performance Folk Tales is a puppet performance created not only for the youngest audience - there is a lot in it to raise interest also in much older spectators.

It is a re-creation of the folk tale The Rabbit Works for the Fox interlaced with proverbs and old wisdoms, as well as songs following the pattern of traditional tunes performed by means of simple sound instruments. The animals in the performance behave like people: they sleep, they eat, they make coffee, they plant, they till the field, they pick the crops, and they feed the chickens. Some of them are working and persevering, others try to avoid the hard work organising their life in a way that makes others work for them. Who gets to live better? It is up to you to judge.

This performance is created for children aged from 3 years up.
Duration: 40 minutes.

performed by: Puppet Theatre Nebo
produced by: Forum Ljubljana & Mini teater
director: Andrej Adamek
visual concept: Andrej Štular
music: Peter Kus
costumes: Mateja Šušteršič

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