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Puppet theatre Nebo (The Sky) was founded in 2001 in Kranj (Slovenia). It is devoted to both classic puppet techniques and research of interatction with other media - such as film, photography, comics - with puppet theatre. Its early productions were for adult public. Today Puppet theatre Nebo is creating poetic performances for children and experimental theatre happenings for adults. Its artists are developing specific art experession interwined with poetics, humor and invovative approach.

For its activities the members of  Puppet theatre Nebo have gained several awards: award for best directing concept and interpretation (performance The Choice, international festival Mini-mikro-impro, Maribor, SI, 2003), award of children jury (This is Ernest, international festival Poletni lutkovni pristan, Maribor, SI, 2006) and award for best visual concept (This is Ernest, 4. bienale Ustanove lutkovnih ustvarjalcev, Koper, SI, 2007)

The theatre is performing all over Slovenia and on international stages. It has participated at the most significant Slovene puppet festivals and some international festivals abroad (Austria, Serbia, Turkey).

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