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Short creativity workshops (2 hours or longer) can be arranged, either after performances or on their own.

PUPPET WORKSHOP - a chosen (an existing) tale is used as a basis for children to create their puppets and perform a play. This workshop's main aim is to stimulate children to continue and complement existing tales. It's suitable for pre-school children and younger elementary school pupils.

COMICS WORKSHOP - after being introduced to basic principles of comic narration, children are encouraged to create their own comic on a given (or freely chosen) theme. Nowadays, comics are no longer perceived as "pulp" and its importance in (non-verbal) communication has been taken increasingly seriously. We consider it a specific visual-literary form, its language being perhaps most closely related to the one used by movies. Workshop is suitable for both elementary and high schools.

FOLKLORE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS WORKSHOP - several simple folk instruments are shown to children. Children then use simple everyday material to make their own instruments and use them to accompany their singing of a folk song which they learn in the workshop. Suitable for lower stages of elementary school.

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