A TASTE OF LJUBLJANA Instructions for using the city of Ljubljana
Choose your favorite guide and discover the city with him or her...

Note: The original work is on CD-ROM. Here, there is only the front page with guides.
So, you can meet the guides but you cannot follow them through their ways around the city!
For that, you should have the CD-ROM version.

The work simulates an individual approach to a city (in this case Ljubljana): you pick up your personal guide you like and follow her/his path:
you can join the two sk8ers, Bor & Seba, through skate parks
or Jela & Peter's romantic walk,
you can investigate Ljubljana public toilets with Zoran, student of sculpture,
learn your first Slovenian words from the sound dictionary,
get instructions from Koen or Sigrid, two Belgian refugee volounteers
and from Ljubljana homeless 'closhard',
read Suzi's reminiscences of Ljubljana,
see the main New Year celebration at Preseren square
or manifestation of solidarity with illegal immigrants in Ljubljana
and so on...