Rene Rusjan - izbrane razstave in projekti / selected exhibitions and art projects

Savska 12
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)41 73 63 77
  Born in Ljubljana, 1962;
graduated in sculpture from Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana;
free-lance artist; co-founder of & lect. at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana

Selected exhibitions and projects:

go 2003
  - Virtual Journey (From Ljubljana to Baku /Azerbaijan/, Erevan /Armenia/ and further to the East and back)
unrealised internet project
- A Cell - together with Milena Kosec- a cell in a former military prison and future youth hostel



- Greetings from Ljubljana... communication point, Water and Sculpture project, Sarajevo, BIH
- Visitors? Aliens? Locals?, Passaggi, Martina Franca, Italy
- PragueTeam-work in progress see
- The Eye And Its Truth / Spectacle And Reality In Slovene Art 1984 - 2001, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

(documental video of the Holes in Space - Holes in Time /1996 and the CD-ROM A Taste of Ljubljana)
- Cooking, work in progress (since 1998) - SEE MORE
- Reading Room Warszawa 2001, Freedom & Violence, Warsaw, Poland

  - Poligloti - texts on usage of photography in art work, Dejan Habicht & Fotografija magazine - SEE MORE
- Living in Ljubljana - Instructions for using the city of Ljubljana, CD-ROM, work in progress - SEE MORE

- Visiting Vienna Reading Room, SiQ 1999, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria - SEE MORE
- Noticing the Present, Art in Slovenia 1976 - 1999, Koper, Slovenia
- Memory of the Place, a sound installation in a bathroom of abandoned Psychiatric Military Hospital of old Yugoslavian Army, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  - Cycle - Recycle 1992 -1998, Reciklaža, ŠKUC, Ljubljana
- Dreams, Reminiscences of the Holes in Space and Time, Light ‘sculpture’ in the garden of The Vila Katarina, Ljubljana
- Čitalnica U3 - Reading Room U3, U3 - Triennial of Slovenian Art, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia (1997/98) - SEE MORE
  - Včeraj, naprimer - Yesterday, for example, Mala galerija, Ljubljana - SEE MORE
- Museo, Museo d’artista, Valvasone, a part of Hic et Nunc exh., San Vito, Italy
- L’albero che parla... Talking Tree, Atrachi, Agrate Brianza, Milano, Italy
  - Holes in Space, Holes in Time, Vila Katarina, Ljubljana - SEE MORE
- Memory of a Piece (installation), Eighties, Nineties, Sala Franchi, Trieste, Italy
- Guarda, che bello! Come una fotografia! Look, how beautiful! Just like a photo! (ten locations in the village), Arte come..., Versa, Italy - SEE MORE
- What’s the Time? (ambiental setting in an abandoned village house), Postaja Topolove, Stazione Topolo, Topolovo, Italy
- Il nome mi ricorda...; The Name Reminds me... (ambiental setting in a hey storrage), Portici inattuali, Sitran D’Alpago, Italija - SEE MORE
  - Virtual reality or ... (collecting sounds from places beside the rivers of the world; playing for one listener on the banks of Ljubljanica river), Water and Sculpture project, Ljubljana
- Identification of a Pontential Shooter, Blitzart Kluže, Kluže Fortress, Slovenia - SEE MORE
- A Soldier’s Bride’s Dreams, Blitzart Kluže, Kluže Fortress, Slovenia - SEE MORE
- Resting Stairs, (a sculpture-like resting corner - work in progress) Sculptural Working Symposium, Drenov grič 1998, Slovenia

- Under The Street... (videoprojection of canalization pipes under Ljubljana, in city displays), Water and Sculpture project, Ljubljana - SEE MORE
- I Remember... A work made in a two-day workshop of refugee artists and volounteers in camps - SEE MORE

1993 - 1994
  during 1993 and 1994 decided to work with bosnian refugees instead of making art projects.



- Cycle - Recycle, Galerija ŠKUC and
- The Street,
Galerija GT, Ljubljana
(the last two exhibitions /connected, opened on the same day/ before stopping working in arts for two years
- Sculpture constelation in gallery space, Likovni salon, Celje
- Le nove lune, Udine, Italy
- Ville e palazzi - Muse di pietra, Palazzo Foscolo, Oderzo, Italy
- Artists of ‘Net FOR Metelkova’, Stara toplarna, Ljubljana


- Sculpture constelation in gallery space, Koper, Galerija Loža
-Sculpture constelation in gallery space, Izola, Galerija Insula
- Sculpture constelation in gallery space, Ljubljana, Mala galerija
Three simultaneous exhibitions in three Slovenian towns 

- Vom Rande - območja slovenske umetnosti 1985-1990, Umetnostna galerija Maribor
- Bienale mladih, Rijeka, Croatia (prize)
- Sub-trans-alpina, Forte di Bard, Valle D’Aosta, Italy

  - Sculptures in the gallery garden, Galerija ZDSLU, Ljubljana
- Sculptures in the villa garden, Vila Katarina, Ljubljana- SEE MORE ON SCULPTURE
 - Geometrije, Skopje, Beograd, Subotica, Osijek, Maribor (towns of former Yugoslavia)
- Contemporary Slovenian Art, Augsburg, Germany
- Beginning of 90's, Apatin, Serbia
  - Biennalle of Yugoslavian Sculpture, Pančevo, Serbia (prize)
- Experience of the Object - Young Slovenian Artists , Moderna galerija, Ljubljana; MG Piran
- Galerija proširenih medija, Zagreb, Croatia
- Kafe Galerija Zvono, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina - SEE MORE on Zvono
- Bienale mladih, Rijeka, Croatia

- Galerija Meblo, Nova Gorica
- Bežigrajska galerija, Ljubljana

  - Center za razvoj mladinske kulture, Šempeter pri Gorici

- International Young Sculptors Competition, Aberdeen, Scotland
(after this first Sculpture symposium in large-scale open-space sculpture, also participated in many others, as: Forma Viva, Slovenia; Prilep, Macedonia; Marino, Rome, Italy; Drenov gric, Slovenia; Frnaza-Bilje, Slovenia...)

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