Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana

Municipal Gallery Ljubljana
January 9 - 30, 1997

avant-garde films:
Slovene Cinematheque
1st screening
Friday, January 10 at 8 p.m.
2nd screening
Thursday, January 30 at 6 p.m.

internet projects:

television spots:
Radio Television Slovenia
emission Toktok and Made in Slovenia

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For some decades, criticism of the media has not been merely the domain of theoretical discourse, but also of artistic practice. Regarding the historic development and multiplicity of these media themselves, this practice shows itself in various forms: television or the Internet are the subject of artist's thoughts which can materialise as an installation, or a photograph, by mediation, in the mass media itself; the "mainstream" film can become the content of a video, or an experimental film; etc.
Media in Media is an exhibition project which will present artistic concepts focusing on mass media, their function, psycho-social and ideological effects, and aesthetic qualities. The selection of exhibited works was not confined by formal characteristics, but was intended to represent different artistic media: video, ambient installation, photography, avant-garde (experimental) film and the Internet. The exhibition is not a revue, but highlights the particular historic positions of established artists, and the current positions of younger artists.

Vanesa Cvahte

The exhibition project Media in Media conceived by Vanesa Cvahte has been selected by the SCCA Board out of all the proposals received as a response to the public announcement issued in February 1996.