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sponsored by: Phare - European Union's Programme for Democracy & Burau for Youth of the Republic of Slovenia 

Campaign against intolerance towards gays and lesbians

Gays always end up in one of the first three positions in majority of Slovenian public opinion polls regarding inpopularity of certain social groups (e.g. - a poll made in April 1995); lesbians usually end up unnoticed. Considering the fact that one third of Slovenia's population wouldn't want to have a gay person for a co-worker or a neighbour, that different sexual orientation is the most disturbing issue for many etc. we decided it was time to start breaking prejudices.

So we organised a poster action between January 12 and January 19, 1998. The goal of the action was a small change for better in Slovenian society. The project was sponsored by Phare - EU Programme for Democracy and Bureau for Youth of the Republic of Slovenia. This sort of campaign has been never before conducted in Europe.

The poster shows gay, lesbian and mixed-gender couple, the slogan of the poster is Vse ljubezni so enako lepe (All loves are equally beautiful). The photo is cut above the chins of the models, so the viewer can't make any prejudices based on models' faces. We used logo "geji in lezbijke Slovenije za strpnost" ("gays and lesbians of Slovenia for tolerance"), which will remind many people of the "all equal - all different" action. We find it unusual that the project group for this action put homeless people and Jews on the posters, despite the fact that public opinion polls in Slovenia don't show particular intolerance towards these two groups, while on the other hand it decided not to print posters with "queer" (Platon) person on them - despite the fact that gays are always on top 3 hated lists.

With this action we would like to:

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