STRIP CORE releases and publishes mostly art works by the STRIP CORE members (e.g. records by 2227, video clips for 2227 songs, the STRIP CORE 1989-95 catalogue covering all fields of STRIP CORE activity in form of postcards with graffiti, posters... and art catalogues). From 1992 it has been publishing Stripburger, a publication modelled on and conceptualised as underground comic magazine, presenting over 70 authors from Europe and USA. In 2000 followed first two solo publication, the Lustri comics album by Andrej Stular, Triptih, illustrated story by Terrah and two catalogues for the projects by Damjan Kocjancic, Lice/the Face and Trn/The Thorn. In Forum Ljubljana we have eastablished several editions, the frist one called Republika Strip (the Comics Republic), is devoted to comics books by Slovene artists, Ambasada Strip (the Comics Ambassy) is dedicated to translations of contemporary comics books and the Minimundus edition is focused on books for youth and also projects that are not in strictlly comics form. 

Strip Core 1989 - 95  2-2-2-7  Andrej Stular: Lustri  Terrah: Triptih   Damjan Kocjancic: The Face  Trn / the Thorn  Smeti: izbor

Das Anatomische Theater Das Anatomische Theater - The Simultaneous Games of the 20th Century by Milorad Krstic 

  Galapagos Guide by Damijan Kracina and Vladimir Leben  Galapagos - guide
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