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documenta - what is it?
documenta is one of the most respectable exhibitions of contemporary art, taking place every five years in Kassel, germany. Since documenta 5 in 1972, each exhibition concept is done by a different curator. documenta X in 1997 is directed by Mme. Catherine David. (See information brochure for more detail information on documenta history.)

documenta X - when?
The exhibition runs from June 21st to September, the 28th 1997. (i.e. 100 days) Open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

How many artists are going to be part of the show?
Who, in fact?

There will be around 250 participants. Paintings, film/video-art, drama/performance will be shown, and a special 100-days/100-guests venue takes place, featuring personalities who represent nearly all categories of cultural activities and philosophies.

The directors of the documenta film projects will be presented 21 Feb 1997 in Berlin, the internet-artists and their dX-website projects will be introduced on a press conference 21 March 1997. The list of personalities invited for the 100 days -100 guests lectures will be given at the end of April, the participants of the dX theatre projects will be introduced in May. The complete list of selected artists will not be made public before the press conference on 19 June, 1997.

Where does the exhibition takes place?
documenta X will be located at several places in the city of Kassel, running a "parcours". The tour will start at the Kulturbahnhof (former central station) including the movie theatre (BaLi) continued through a pedestrian subway, via pedestrial zone (Treppenstrassee) to the exhibition buildings (Fridericianum, Ottoneum) and documenta-Halle (events programme). It ends up at Orangerie and the riverside area (Fuldaaue).

Tickets give access to all exhibition places, except movie-shows and theatre venues.

Is there artwork open-air? Yes, you will find pieces of art alongside the "parcours", at Treppenstraße and in Fuldaaue. Bookshops, food and service point are located at Friedrichsplatz.

How much is the ticket?

Card type           normal       reduced
1-day-ticket        DM 25,-      DM 15,-

(not on saturdays)  DM 38,-      DM 22,-

season ticket       DM 120,-     DM 70,-

group ticket
(10+ persons)       DM 18,-      DM 8,-

evening special
(from 5 pm)         DM 10,-      DM 6,-

Children (-6) have free access.
Reduced tariff for students, pensioners (gentlemen 63+ , ladies 62+), persons liable to german military or social services, the unemployed, persons dependant on social security. Certificates are checked at the entrance of the exhibition buildings.

Do you offer guided tours?
There will be regular tours, starting at Fridericianum, Kulturbahnhof and other places. The first one will start off at 10 am each day, the last will start at 7 pm. There will be guided "parcours"-walks as well as guided tours for special-interest groups. Please call Matthias Arndt at guided tours services for further information.

E-mail: Phone +49 (0) 561-707 27 25 and 77 64 44 or
Fax +49 (0) 561-707 27 39 or 77 64 45. Guided group (max 20 persons) tours will cost DM 7,- p.P. and hour, at least DM 80,-
Students and the elderly are charged DM 70,- per guided hour.

For group tours please register 7 days in advance.
If you prefer a specific guide, please register in advance.

Where is the meeting point for guided tours?
There will be a box office at the Kulturbahnhof (former central station). The guided tours services center is situated behind the Fridericianum.

Is there further information services supplied by the guiding service?
Yes, you may attend the introduction lectures at the BaLi Movies (at the Kulturbahnhof), dealing with historical aspects of documenta as well as the "highlights" of documenta X.
They will regularly take place from 10 am until 5 pm. (DM 5,-)

Groups please book in advance. You may as well book a complete lecture event (DM 450,-)

Do you have something like a VIP service?
Yes. Matthias Arndt and guiding-services are about to organize individual programs including lodging, transfer travelling, individual shuttle service, personal attendance, and special guided tours.

Any other events?
documenta X will include a daily film programme, shown at Bali-cinema at the Kulturbahnhof. The documenta theatre/drama events will take place in September.

The 100 days - 100 guests program will feature a lectures/events program each day. Artists, philosophers, economists, filmmakers ...are invited by Catherine David to discuss with the public at documenta-Halle.

Kassel city authorities will offer a series of events (music, entertainment etc.) during the summer. Their programme will be released in May, a preliminary brochure is available in February.

You may refer to Kassel Service GmbH for detail information: Phone:

+49 561 7077163/164 or Fax +49 561 7077169/200 , e-mail:

I am a performing artist and want to take part in the cultural events program in Kassel. Who is in charge?
Please refer to Mrs. Ruth Wagner at Kassel Kulturamt. Phone +49 561 787 4012

How much time does it take to visit the dX?
Depending on individual purposes, we recommend at least 4 to 5 hours. The better way to do it: Stay for a couple of days and enjoy the exhibition.

Am I expected to reserve tickets?
No! At the documenta X box offices, you can buy any kind of tickets valuable for any time of entering.

What about our children?
Everybody is welcome to the documenta X, no matter the age. For smaller children it might be a little exhausting. You are welcome to use the family recreation room at Katholische Bildungsstätte - Kolping Haus, Die Freiheit 7, Kassel. There will be special workshops for children (6 to 16) by Evelyn Lehmann of Museumspädagogische Beratung.

Can you help me with finding a hotel in Kassel?
Sorry, no. No hotel reservation can be done by documenta GmbH!

Please refer to Kassel Service GmbH, Königsplatz 53, 34117 Kassel Phone +49 (0) 561-707 71 36 Fax +49 (0) 561-70 77 169/200 All Kassel information and hotel reservation via Internet:

When does the opening press conference takes place?
The official documenta X press conference will start Thursday, the 19th of June, 12am at Staatstheater Kassel/Opernhaus. In the evening there will be a journalists meeting with the mayor at town hall, Kassel.

When is the exhibition preview?
June 19th + 20th, exclusively for journalists and invited guests.

When is the opening party?
An opening party event is planned to happen at the Kulturbahnhof on 20 June.

I´d like to have dX-posters and stickers!?
Posters and stickers showing the documenta X - Logo are to be bought at Museum Fridericianum, Friedrichsplatz 18, 34117 Kassel. Posters cost DM 10,- (plus 10,- mail), stickers DM 1,-

Which publications about the documenta X concept is available up to now?
We have a dX-information brochure which contains general information about the exhibition and its history, available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Please call the dX-Press bureau Phone
+49 561-728 27 26 or Fax +49 561 728 27 24, e-mail:

Guided tours services offer a seperate information brochure. E-mail:

To get deeper into conceptual thinking, ask for "documenta-documents" (Cantz Verlag, Stuttgart) in your local bookshop. Containing essays from Mme. Catherine David and others, it is a discursive travel about the philosophy of dX. There have been two releases up to now, No. 3 is going to come up in Feb.97.

Is documenta X online?
Yes. You can access our internet website at

Will there be a catalogue?
With the start of documenta X the documenta X book will be released as well as the exhibition guide explaining the exhibition objects and artists.

How much is the train to Kassel?
Deutsche Bahn AG will offer a special ticket : Two persons (to Kassel and back) are charged DM 99,- (101-300km), or DM 149,- (300+km). These tickets are available from 1 June. Please make sure you get a dX-stamp on the trainticket, otherwise it will not be valid for the return journey.

How many visitors attended the previous documentas?

documenta 1  (1955)130,000
documenta 2  (1959)134.000
documenta 3  (1964)200.000
documenta 4  (1968)207.000
documenta 5  (1972)220.000
documenta 6  (1977)355.000
documenta 7  (1982)380.000
documenta 8  (1987)476.000
documenta IX (1992)615.000