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To je Ernest

To je Ernest

This is Ernest (To je Ernest) is a warm tale about friendship between Ana, a girl, and Ernest, a cat. The story started one day when the latter, helpless and wet to the bone, was brought home by Ana's dad. Mutual sympathy blossoms at once and the two of them quickly become an inseparable duo. Through their common experiences they get to know each other but also themselves, their own strengths and weaknesses. Ernest, a lovely yet indomitable cat is the cause of many awkward incidents. Instead of ending their friendship, these incidents serve to reinforce it, thus stressing the importance of tolerance towards being different and thinking in a different way.

The play is suitable for ages 2 and older.

Length: 35 minutes.

Text: Mojca Osojnik, adaptation: Andrej Adamek, LG Nebo in Mojca Osojnik, direction: Andrej Adamek, puppet design: Mojca Osojnik and Andrej Štular, music: Andrej Žibert, set design: Maja Peterlin, animation: Andrej Štular in Petra Stare                                      

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