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Zgodba o Francetu


Zgodba o Francetu

A lyrical narrative showing France Prešeren, Slovenia's foremost poet, at several points in his life, and  telling about his attitude towards the world, society, life and death. It's not only a biographical sketch, since the poet repeatedly faces humankind's eternal questions - concerning religion, freedom, truth and corruption - that won't leave him alone. In short, a universal tale about a human being, an artist caught in a certain time, space and social climate.

The play is suitable for ages 12 and older.

Length: 40 minutes.

Idea, direction and puppet design: Andrej Štular, dramaturgy: Petra Stare and Andrej Štular, music: Mare Završnik, lighting: Samo Ljubešić, costumography: Maja Peterlin, direction assistant: Borut Cajnko, animation: Petra Stare and Andrej Štular

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