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A story of a girl whose lightness enabled her to sit on trees' subtlest twigs and chat with birds. One day, her deepest wish - to grow wings - came true.  However, without arms it was impossible to eat and write and embrace her mother. Upon discovery that the sole use of wings is to fly, she decided to go back to Magic Squirrel to ask her to return her arms... The play shows the consequences of humankind's eternal wish coming true, stressing the fact that without arms/hands and the possibility to reach other people we are no longer humans.

The play is suitable for ages 4-11.

Length: 35 minutes.

Based on story by Paul Eluard, adaptation: Jelena Sitar, direction and puppet design: Petra Stare, set design: Andrej Štular, music: Katja Stare Komar, animation: Petra Stare and Andrej Štular

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