general information sheet
name Marija Mojca Pungercar
sex: F

place photo here
date and city of birth 1964, Novo Mesto
adress Cernetova 17
city, country Ljubljana, Slovenia
telephone + 386 61 55 33 58
case description:

A common feature of the projects in the Mojca case is the use of historical facts located in a time and place for the benefit of play and imagination. Around this basis then develops a story which in turn mocks its origin, transforms it or is nasty towards it in some other way.
incriminatory statement:
"What I did when I entered these various premises and put myself into different contexts was to actually rearrange the found or just suspected fragments of a shattered reality. Imagination must be the mediator between a document and an event. But I very often lose documents. " (used in a private conversation with V.C., as reported by V.C.)
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photo documentation sheets:
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criminal records sheets:
- cherchez la femme
- day of youth
- bears make me laugh
- lili marlene
- dislocated me
- protect me! (body of an angel)
- portable home / play your city