Das Anaomische Theater




Das Anatomische Theater
multimedia exhibition

Tue, 7th Nov. 2006 at 8 pm.., SKUC gallery, Ljubljana

The simultaneist poem teaches a sense of the merry-go-round  
of all things; while Herr Schulze reads his paper, the Balkan Express
crosses the bridge at Nish; a pig squeals in Butcher Nuttke's cellar.
Richard Huelsenbeck, “First German Dada Manifesto”, Berlin 1918

The Theater is anatomical in nature because within it the 20th century is placed on a dissection table; the people, the events and the phenomena therefore do not wear costumes or masks; on the contrary, even the skin is torn off, tissue is cut, bone and muscle are revealed, and the nervous, blood and lymph systems are observed. The walls of the Theater remind us of the walls of a biological lab cowboy angelsurrounded by glass showcases filled with neatly arranged bottles in which, floating in a 40% formaldehyde solution, the body parts of world’s history await their curious observer.
Eroticism, which often appears in the scenes of Das Anatomische Theater many times bordering on obscenity, and which is deeply rooted in the depths of the age-old traditions of Eros and Thanatos, is evoked to counterbalance the tragic events and the totalitarian systems that brought doom to the 20th century. The civilized nations have long forgotten that, in more primitive stages of their existence, they too used erotic art to expel the evil spirits. With the help of its irony and eroticism, Das Anatomische Theater banishes the evil powers of the 20th century.

Milorad Krstic

Ball & Duchamp

Das Anatomische Theater
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