My Baby Left Me

My Baby Left Me

My Baby Left Me

My Baby Left Me

Wedenesday, 8th Nov. at 7 p.m., Kinodvor, Ljubljana

With this film screenign we want to present another form of Krstic's creativity, animation and documentary film. The program is accompanied by documentary films selected by Milorad Krstic.
1. “A propos de Nice” by Jean Vigo, 1929 (25 min)
The first film of Jean Vigo “A propos de Nice” is widely regarded as a documentary masterpiece. Using the “kino-eye” style of Russian avant-garde director Dziga Vertov (Indeed, Vertov’s brother Boris Kaufman was Vigo’s cinematographer), Vigo created a poetical but very satirical film against bourgeois decadence in the French Riviera town.

2. “Mala seoska priredba” by Krsto Papic, 1971 (17 min)
A documentary masterpiece made by Croatian film director Krsto Papic, about Miss contest and Best singer contest organised in a small village in Croatia.

3. “East European living animals” video by Andras Wahorn, 1989 (10min)
(music Andras Wahorn, producer Jolán Árvai)

Some domestic and wild animals, living somewhere in a province of Hungary, decided to break the monotony of every day life and visit downtown Budapest. In the final scene hundreds of animals are crossing Budapest's Liberty Bridge.

4. “My Baby Left Me”, an animated film by Milorad Krstic (music Andras Wahorn), produced by Andras Erkel, Varga studio, 1995, (8,5min)

This is a surrealistic drama about a man who made some mistakes in his love affair and must pay for that.                                                                             

5. “Budapest”, a documentary by Milorad Krstic, 2002, (11min)

After the screening Igor Prassel will present the aritst.
Entrance: 950 sit

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