International Arts and Culture Programs


Artservis is a new web tool for artists, theoreticians and administrators of contemporary art, operating in/with/from Slovenia!

It supports the independent and competent operation of individuals and organizations involved in contemporary art.

The main principles are free public access and information-share built through the network of the Artservis' users.



PlatfromaSCCA, the journal of SCCA-Ljubljana, is focused on the themes that would contribute considerably to the understanding of the contemporary art practice and its context.

Apart from providing the information on the centre's activities, we publish original texts and translations from the fields of art theory, critical theory and art criticism.

With the special section entitled Open Scene we wish to stimulate also writers from the younger generation, not yet experienced writers to offer us their contributions.


The annual educational program aims to cover the gap in both theory and practice in contemporary art. It is comprised of a 10-month curator course (conceiving and realisation of the exhibition under mentorship), a series of public lectures, study exchanges and excursions.



Sixteen selected artists were invited to actively participate with their scenarios and artistic concepts in the creation of their Artist’s Profile on the World Wide Web. The aim is to involve individual artists into the use of the Internet as both a tool and a potential means of expression.

(Damijan Kracina, Marko Košnik, Marko A. Kovačič, Strip Core, Apolonija Šušteršič, Inštitut za domače raziskave, Žiga Koritnik, Darij Kreuh, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Nataša Prosenc, Franc Purg, Petra Varl, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, Janja Vrabec in P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Muzej sodobne umetnostil, Milena Kosec, Rene Rusjan)



A series of video programs with selected video works by Slovene artists and their presentations: From Alternative Art to Art Video (in collaboration with the Škuc Gallery), Bodyspotting, Creatures, Docuart, Intolerance, Dancemania and Memories.


Žepna - Pocket Edition

Publishing program of texts on arts and culture

SCCA-Ljubljana have conceived the Žepna (Pocket) Edition in collaboration with Založba /*cf. in 1999.

A series of texts and translations on the current art themes which are important for understanding of contemporary artistic production and its context. With such a publishing program we wish to promote the significance of the critical theory and reflective strategies of operating to the young generation of colleagues working in the field of contemporary art practice.

The books are published only in Slovene language.


9 books have been published until now by the following authors: John Berger, R. Koolhaas & S. Sassen &, Ch. Abel, & M. Augé, CAE - Critical Art Ensemble, P. Ziff, & N. Goodman, Max Imdahl, Oliver Marchart, Charles Harrison, Victor Misiano, & Luther Blissett.


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Video Art in Slovenia 1969– 1998

A documentation, archival and research project on thirty years of video art in Slovenia. It comprises of a comprehensive catalogue of twenty one artists and their video works, a book of essays describing video media and its historical development (also in relation to other social and expressive practices) and a CD-ROM including short clips of selected videos in addition to the documentation and texts.

VIDEODOKUMENT CD-ROM has gained the 1st award in the category of the best interactive work in electronic media at the 7th International Festival of Computer Arts in Maribor. Following the participation in the EuroPrix 2001 MultiMediaArt Contest it attained a connected listing in the EuroPrix Multimedia content CD-ROM, which was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair and in Lisbon.


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The project is aimed at researching the operations of a contemporary art system and takes as an example Manifesta 3, European Biennial of Contemporary Art that will take place in Ljubljana in the year 2000. The project will focus on 3 topics: the exploration of the M3 self-image, a study of the influence of M3 upon the local art scene, and an analysis of works of art exhibited at the M3.


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Urbanaria was the first exhibition of the Center. Its general concept was art in the urban context and it was divided into two parts - a conceptual exhibition of all the fifty proposals submitted as a response to the public announcement and the realisation of thirteen projects at various locations in Ljubljana at different times.


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Media in Media was an international exhibition project which presented artistic concepts focusing on mass media, their function, psycho-social and ideological effects and aesthetic qualities. It presented different artistic media, such as video, ambient, installation, photography, avant-garde film and the Internet on the same level.


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A research project on the reception and evaluation of Slovene Modern art was concluded with the history of art symposium in Muzej novejše zgodovine, Ljubljana on 3 December 1998, which was accompanied by a publication comprising of the proceedings and discussion from the symposium.



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