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  • 1991. graduated at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • member of Applied Art Artists Society since 1993.
  • 1994. recived Annual Award for individual feshion performances by AAA Society.
  • 1999. recived Higly commended diploma in feshion, textiles, jewellery and accessories category
  • for the entry rubber hat, at 100% Rubber Design Competition 1999, London

  • stage design:

  • "Bepi and Sep", directed by Dragana Joksimoviæ, performed at Faculty of Drama in Belgrade, 1990. 
  • "About mices and people", directed by Dragana Joksimoviæ
  • "Women's Day", short film directed by , 1991. godine 

  • hats:
    Since 1993. engaged in designing and making hats. All collections were presented in a form of theatre performances as combination of theatre, rock and roll concert, fashion show...

  • 26.6.1993. in Students Cultural Center presentation of collection made out of sisal, corn hask, hemp string...
  • 26.12.1993. in Students Cultural Center presentation of winter collection made out of wool, linen...
  • 19.6.1994. in Bosko Buha Theatre presentation of collection made out of  hemp, hemp string, jute...
  • 16.9.1994. in Bitef Theatre as a part of "Aeroplana bez motora" festival presentation of all former performances.
  • 14. and 15.1.1995.in Bitef Theatre presentation of spring collection made in hat factory "Begej" in Zrenjanin. Hats were made out of felt.
  • 16.2.1996. in Bitef Theatre performance and presentation of swimming caps made out of rubber in Tractor tire Factory "Record", Belgrade.
  • 20.9.1996. in Cinema REX as a part of "Alterimage", off program of Belgrade International Theatre Festival, performance and presentation of collection made out of jute and cellulose. Hats and dresses were made in cellulose Factory "Crvena Zvezda" in Mladenovac.
  • 29.8.1997. performance at the summer festival BELEF in Belgrade
  • 24. 12.1997. in Cinema Rex, Belgrade, a premiere of the performance "Winter or dreams or travel in all directions"
  • 11.3.1998. Underground Club, Belgrade, big "Hats Theater" party with hats and photos exhibition and concert of a Hats Theater band.
  • 28. 4. 1998. Underground Club, Belgrade, big "Hats Theater" party with Aleksandar Zograf comics exhibition, presenting "A. Zograf Hat"designed by Ljudmila Stratimirovic and concert of a Hat Theatre band.
  • 6.8.1998. performing " Winter or dreams or travel in all directions" on Trnfest, international summer festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • 12.8.1998. in Koper, Slovenia, performing "Winter or dreams or travel in all directions". 
  • 4. and 5. 11. 1999. Premiere of performance " Spring or nightmare in Serbia"
  • 17. 11. 1999. Museum of Ethnology, hats and photos exhibition 



    other activities:

  • exhibition of drawings in Omen club in Belgrade, 1992.
  • exhibiting in several Applied Arts Artists Society exhibitions
  • exhibition of hats in "small AAAS Galery"in Belgrade 1995. 
  • exhibition of hats in SKUC Gallery in Ljubljana 1995. 
  • exhibition of paintings in DOB gallery, Belgrade 1998.
  • My hats were used by several Yugoslav rock and roll bends. (Jarboli, Kredencporno, Obojeni program, Deca Losih Muzicara, Urgh)



    theatre group:

  • 1997 founded theatre group "Hats Theater".