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    Guests of the Strip Core 8999 project will be the Belgrade artists, that will create the Spring or Night Mare in Serbia program. Hats Theatre and Neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i resava stvar (Unsuspected Force That Is Appearing Suddenly And Saving the Thing) are at the first glance two different things, but in fact, they are connected by several things. Both started few years ago in the time when because of the situation it was hard to creatively work on something that isn’t directly connected to political and social reality. Since then they have created quite some common projects. Persistence on their own idea and not following the trends are of great importance in their work. 

    A special tendency in alternative scene was created, which work is based on the multimedia principle and therefore on combination of all views in visual arts and musical directions, for which the members of this groups think that play an important role in the contemporary times. 
    Openness of the artists towards what’s going on on the contemporary art field and at the same time a clear vision, are the base to the projects that belong on the top of the European art production. 

    The closing project of the Spring or Night Mare in Serbia program is a coproduction of Hats Theatre and Stirje pravi dedci, a Slovene music group.

    Project in which 11 artists will take part wil consist of 6 events, that will took place in 6 days on various locations in Ljubljana (the Channel Zero club & the SOT 24 club - Metelkova City, KUD France Preseren).

    Thur. 2. Dec., the Channel Zero club, Metelkova City, 22:30
    in concert: Hat Theatre  and Neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i resava stvar (YU)
    + DJ program
    Tue. 7. Dec., the SOT24 club, Metelkova City, 21:00
    exhibition of hats by Ljudmila Stratimirovic and other materials of Hat Theatre
    + DJ program : DJ Zorana
    Wed. 8. Dec., KUD France Preseren, 21:00
    Hats Theatre: the Spring or Night Mare in Serbia - performance
    Slovene premier, entrance: 500 sit
    Tue. 14. Dec., KUD France Preseren, 21:00 
    Hats Theatre: Winter or Dreams or Travel in All Directions - comics music performance
    entrance: 500 sit 
    Thur. 16. Dec., the Channel Zero club, Metelkova City, 20:00
    Hats Theatre: video clips, DJ program
    Fri. 17. Dec., KUD France Preseren, 21:00
    music performance: Hats Theatre (YU) and the Stirje pravi dedci band (SLO)
    world premier, entrance: 500 sit

    The Hats Theatre group and the band were formed in 1993. Leader and the establisher of the group is Ljudmila Stratimirovic. From the very beginning, the focus of her interest was production of hats. In the series of hats she has produced so far she has steered away from commercial concerns and instead shown great attention to the shape of each individual hat as well as engaged in research of the forms and materials such as rubber etc. From the start, a particular feature of Ljudmila Stratimirovic's work has been directing great attention and creative energy toward the presentation of her hats.  Her shows have continuously pushed the limits of a regular form of fashion show, by introducing theatrical elements, in making unusual choices for models, selection and presentation of music, etc.

    Gradually, her fashion shows have become a multi-layered multimedia form. In fact, more recently the hats have been used as a starting point for creation of a complex theatrical expression.  This creative effort has led Ljudmila to establish her Theater of Hats. Inspiration, search, experiment, innovation and multimedia are the hallmarks of Ljudmila Stratimirovic's work. In the process of creating a performance the music group was formed. With this, the Hats Theatre has become a serious group that is using a hat for decor and with combining fashion, movement, music, video, photography and comics it is developing new media. With the Alfa Akvari song Hats Thatre has reached top of top lists on radio and TV stations in Belgrade. 

    Neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i rešava stvar (The Unexpected Force That Is Suddenly Appearing and Saving the Thing) is existing since 1997. For their combining of various styles (break beat, trip-hop, dub, dance, jazz, drum’n’base, rock...) they’re popping out from the Belgrade music scene. The group is especially important for creating its own music style from the specific way of communication - improvization. It developed into an artistic method and the band became first Belgrade band that instinctivly reached for digital esthetics in contemporary music. Each their song is different each time and none of their concerts are the same. The spontaneousness is their quality. Changing styles all the time, incorporating different instruments means working with various musicians and artists (video, fine arts…).

    This will also be a concrete cooperation with Slovene artists. Namely the closing project of the Spring or Night Mare in Serbia program will be a music performance created by Hats Theatre and Slovene music group Stirje Pravi Dedci (The Four real Guys).
    Stirje pravi dedci is a young Slovene band with roots in Chicago noise and blues. Of course, they do it in its own way and they like to tell macho jokes about its own band. 

    Part of the program will take place on 3rd and 4th Dec. in Velenje and on 10th and 11th in Prestranek.