Trivia Records

  • In 2010 Bogdana Herman and Borut Savski intiated the "Newly composed folk songs" project which resulted in seven public apearancesand a compilation cd. In 2016 we started a new round of Slovene new-folk songs. First results are here ...
  • Some files for simplistic arduino versions with atmega 8, 88, 168, 328 - commonly known as Poorduino. There are some boards for flashing bootloaders with standard arduino board. Etc.
  • Make a midi-sequencer arduino shield called Cirkulino. It acts as 8-step midi-sequencer (the sender of notes) and also as five potentiometer midi-controller. Some additional parametric randomizing functions take it away from simple "metronome" - into direction of "mantra machine" shruti-box. For automata usages some more steps could be useful (8, 16, 24, 32).
  • Theremidi Orchestra was founded after a three-day theremin workshop at Ljudmila in May 2011. The hands-on electro noise ensemble exists in the present continuous, but refers also to the history of electronic music, while the number of members varies from eight to ten, sometimes even twelve. A selection of some performances and sessions.
  • Sound from Squares is a triple album by Dušan Zidar (akka Spiro Mason) - an experiment in the field of sound as percieved by a "visual" person. He checks out the the immanence of sound of a digital representation of image (a photo) when translated to its sound representation.
  • A set of recordings from various events in the framework of Cirkulacija 2 "Total Art Platform" project in the year of 2012. Basic pivot was a week long event in Zagreb - Močvara gallery (co-production: Kontejner), with the addition of a couple of one-day events called Social Noise Sessions with international colleagues - spread over the year.
  • Bride's harp is an intermediate result of a couple of years long collaboration in the field of multimedia/ intermedia performative approach called "the social sculpture" of the Uzvočevalci/ Inaudionicks (?) (Bogdana Herman, Zvonka T Simčič, Borut Savski, Franc Cegnar, Miha Tomšič). Silvana Paletti joined in lately. In 2012 the Bride's harp was performed twice: at the St. Ann church in Žlebe/ Medvode and at St. George chappel at Ljubljana castle.