Etnobanda: MetastazaA – Broken Beauty

Etnobanda: MetastazaA – Broken Beauty
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Etnobanda:- MetastazaA – Broken Beauty

Title: MetastazaA – Broken Beauty
Project name: Etnobanda
Authors: Bogdana Herman, Milena Kosec, Stefan Doepner, Borut Savski
Year of production: 2007

Etnobanda – ESC Graz 3 (07:34)
Etnobanda – ESC Graz 4 (08:59)
Etnobanda – Cirkulacija 2 Ljubljana 2 (07:39)
Etnobanda – Cirkulacija 2 Ljubljana 3 (07... more

On Creativity…

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“Beware of the creativity of the powerful”

Once I wrote an article – a complaint on the lies and double talk of representatives of the local government – and ended it with the following line: “Beware of the creativity of the powerful”. It was a response to the repetitive answers of the public officials – that they have different plans. What plans can an official have? It’s just a job!

Creation as Self-creation more

Cirkulacija 2

Cirkulacija 2
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About Cirkulacija 2

Interdisciplinary station CIRKULACIJA 2


Cirkulacija 2 is an artists’ initiative based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The name originates from the hall that we are currently squatting – the heating station at former bicycle factory Rog. The name nicely points to the principles that we try to elaborate through our collective work: the principles of evolving our production through ser... more

Sisters Karamazov

Sisters Karamazov
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Borut Savski – Sisters Karamazov Audio Video > Music

Year of production: 2006, 2007
Catalogue number: KUDT CD 001
Batch: 200
Every copy has a unique number.

List of compositions:

Borut Savski – The Bells (05:07)
Borut Savski – Virpi’s Song (03:49)
Savski – Katja’s Song (06:28)
Savski – Whispers (04:48)
... more


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In october and part of november 2007 I (Borut Savski, Slovenia) was at residency in Istanbul, Turkey (project Light, Illumination & Electricity, Santralistanbul 2007), together with artists Adham Hafez (Egypt), Cynthia Zaven (Lebanon), Remy Rivoire, Renaud Vercey, Bruno Voillot (the three form the Collective Position from France), Marko Kovačič (Slovenia... more


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Borut Savski – Videografika

Del dejavnosti v sklopih »evolucionarni video«, »generativni video«, »videografični principi«, »matematika jezika«… V zadnjem času tudi s pomočjo laserkih sistemov, ki jih gradimo v okviru Cirkulacije 2.

On-going preoccupation with areas described as “videographics”, “generative video”, “videographic principles”, “mathematics o... more


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Etnobanda 2007, 2008

V letu 2007 zasnovana kot Etnobanda Državice Ptičjestrašilne – MetastazaA

V letu 2008 so nastopi potekali pod imenom Etnobanda – MetastazaB

Prvi album Etnobande – MetastazaA (2007) je na voljo na spletni strani >Trivia Records / Zapisi -> …

Drugi album Etnobande – MetastazaB (2008) je na voljo na spletni strani >Trivia ... more

Fluidity of space

Fluidity of space

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The hardness of materials

A light / video image is projected on the dynamic (motorized) reflective object (“the reflector”) hanging from the ceiling. The reflected light is scattered all over the place. The reflector is changing its shape according to the sound in the space (the computer generated sound). The sound changes the computer generated video image.

The relatively simple projected image is changed – made mor... more

Art of Balancing

Art of Balancing
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Borut Savski – Art of Balancing


Title: The Art of Balancing/ Umetnost lovljenja ravnotežja
Author: Borut Savski
Year: 2006 / 2007
Format: printed as a cd or dvd booklet
Language: English and Slovene

Remark: This booklet is not sold or sent separately – it can be a part of any of the author’s cds or dvds.


Borut Savski –... more