The Language of Art…

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Introduction to contemporary art…

There is an old saying in most of the languages: “actions speak louder than words”, and also: “picture tells more than a thousand words”…

Of course, this is wrong, since it is with words that we speak – not with pictures or actions. With picture (images) we can see and imagine, and with actions we can act – do things. But here I am simplifying on purpose: communicatio... more

Intermediate spaces

Intermediate spaces
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The title Intermediate Spaces was borrowed from other usages (but almost none was conceptualized yet) for a double week long exchanges of artists with their projects from the cities of Graz and Ljubljana. Since both cities are of much the same size, they also produce similar self-sustained (urban) (sub)cultural structures. So we will most certainly see a kind of mirroring of the (human) roles and creations.


Basic questions

Basic questions
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About the project Basic Questions…

Author: Borut Savski

The project is a paraphrase of the title of the painting by Paul Gauguin (Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?, 1897/98), that (seemingly, at least to me) wanted to move the pivot of art from aesthetics to ethics. After more than a hundred years it looks like art has managed to get rid of the beautiful and is now de... more