DIAcontrol midi system

DIAcontrol midi system

This system was made on order: have six diaprojectors (two pointing to one screen) and a computer controlled slide triggering sequencer.

Classic midi serial connection is used to cover long distances over normal cable.

A web based technology was used: XAMPP server and javascript & php combination. This makes it OS independent. Chrome browser natively supports midi on the web, others need certain  extensions. More details about that in DIAcontrol-schematics.pdf.

Some effort wen... more



TurboFlutes are midi interfaces / breathing – not blowing instruments. The two prototypes were built in 2020, additional work was done in the next years – along with the preparation of printed-ciruit-boards, etc. – and concerts.

During the first steps of elaboration it was clear that normal tone intervals as for the flute will be used. This made up a 12-tone scale with seven buttons on top. On the bottom left-hand side one octave up transposition button was replaced by two R... more

Huda ura: Remains of the day

Huda ura: Remains of the day

Here are some remains of my Huda ura | Heavy weather radio broadcasts_netcasts from the archives of Radio Student Ljubljana


20100927 HUDA URA.mp3 Size: 63,269 MB

20100201 huda ura.mp3 Size: 115,657 MB

20101206 HUDA URA.mp3Size: 78,772 MB

20100510 huda ura.mp3Size: 59,371 MB


20111211 HUDA URA (2h 35).mp3Size: 298,487 MB

20110404 HUDA URA (1h 05).mp3 Size: 93,609 MB

20110207 HUDA URA.mp3Size: 85,663 MB

20111017 HU... more

Intermedia Grill 006 w / Borut Savski

Intermedia Grill 006 w / Borut Savski

Radio Terminal pripravlja serijo oddaj Intermedia Grill, v katerih predstavljamo slovenske intermedijske umetnike in jih skupaj z njihovim delom v zvoku in sliki pripeljemo na vaše zaslone.

Gost: Borut Savski