Trubo=zlata truba

Trubo=zlata truba
[Original at http://www.ljudmila.org/~savskib/borut_galerija/index.php?folder=in%20concert%201/truba]

Analog electronics

Analog electronics
[Original at http://www.ljudmila.org/~savskib/borut_galerija/index.php?folder=electronics/modulators]

Analogue modulators & generators

These are packed as black boxes and are intended as direct inputs for any kind of sensors or microphones – so as to transform the real-time data into some sort of sound.

The elements are (so far):
– preamplifier
– linear compressor
– ring modulator (Ludwig said: “It doesn̵... more

Aestetic Machines

Aestetic Machines
[Original at http://www.ljudmila.org/~savskib/estetski_stroji/index.html]

Estetski stroji = Aestetic Machines

experiment no. 3: THE LOGIC SPACE
(sound performance for four participants arranged by B. SAVSKI)

experiment no. 4: AMPLIFICATION
= translation, dynamics, autopoiesis, cybernetic loop… of a black box
(audio-visual installation)

Najprej je bil stroj …
… in stroj je rodil človeka.
First there was M... more