Midi Conversions – Midi2Happy

Midi Conversions – Midi2Happy
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Borut Savski: Midi Conversions – Midi2Happy

Year of production: 1997 / 1998

Borut Savski – Midi2Happy – Soft (02:58) Download
Borut Savski – Midi2Happy – Bells (03:02) Download
Borut Savski – Midi2Happy – Hard (07:26) Download
Borut Savski – Midi2Happy – Carribean (03:56) Download
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Pseudo quadro stereo mixer

Pseudo quadro stereo mixer
[Original at http://www.ljudmila.org/~savskib/borut_galerija/index.php?folder=electronics/mixer]

Pseudo quadro stereo mixer

This audio mixer is a bit special. It has the ability to add and subtract each of the six stereo channels and the resulting (L+R, L-R, 2xL, 2xR) outputs are sent to four amplifiers and loudspeakers. It can be used as normal stereo mixer also. I finished it in 1997.

The knobs are fo... more


[Original at http://www.ljudmila.org/~savskib/interfaces/index.html]


“The Sonic Point of View” (2002)

mp3 selections

“Aestetic Machines” (2003)

“Sound Biotope” (1999)

Sound As Metaphore:

“Dancer/Plesalec” (2005)

“Oracle” (2004/5)

Bazooka/ Electric Jesus (2004)


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