WordPress plugins

WordPress is a well-known and widely used CMS (content managment system) i came to prefer over other solutions. While quite basic it can be implemented with all kinds of functionalities. Usually this is done by plugins. Below are some plugins that use – mostly made  on my own and/or adapted versions of existing ones.

For translations I use updated version of Polyglot plugin

Plugin that helps you make your WordPress powered web completely multilingual. With full support of multiple time and date formats, localization of your RSS feeds and, of course, publishing your posts and pages in any number of languages. For more information, comments or questions visit the Polyglot’s homepage. I don’t think that original plugin is still maintained but I have kept the scripts updated and can be downloaded here http://www.ljudmila.org/~savskib/wp-content/plugins/bs-polyglot.zip

For mailing lists I maintain a plugin called BS Newsletter

Create multiple mailing lists and send newsletters. Allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletter. It relies on php-mailer classes to use various protocols.

For this site I now work on so-called BS Webpages Aggregator

Aggregator means adding various remote content to one place. Add any local or remote website to WP-database. Create an array of entries with basic info: title, excerpt, image, link, etc… You can also copy the complete html webpage to WP posts.

BS Webcam Images plugin
This plugin allows sequential slideshow of streamed images – either as real-time or as past=historic view. Can be combined with bs-dragmenu plugin to be movable. You must use some software to upload images via ftp protocol (like Webcam Uploader 2004) to the correct web directory. The software must be configured to upload unique image names so that uploaded images are not overwritten on each new upload. You can also upload images asynchronously – they will be resized to acceptable dimensions and included into list. To use the javascript new window popup put the wp-webcam.php into the wordpress root. This plugin can be observed here http://www.cirkulacija2.org/wp-webcam.php.