Borut Savski – Konkretizacije / Concretizations

Marko Košnik participated with vocal in Violin
Production 1995, old studio of Radio Student

Borut Savski – Tape (12:14)
Borut Savski – Screws (01:52)
Borut Savski – Violin (04:48)
Borut Savski – Guitar (05:20)
Borut Savski – Chairs (07:35)
Borut Savski – Chromonia (11:25)
Borut Savski – SwingingMics (10:00)

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Conkretizations are the results of some far-away trial to introduce (again) some experimental sound production in the studios of Radio Student Ljubljana. Initiated by Borut Savski and Marko Košnik, Ex-studio became only an introduction to some of the activities that followed. Let’s mention just Ministry of experiment – the archives are also on these pages.

With all these radio – and broader: media – projects we tried to rethink the basics of radio (and later also: internet) media. This was not Slovene specialty, but Slovene transitional period was also an era of very lively international interest for practices in other countries, which were until a few years back divided by the Berlin wall. This lively interest for the other lasted to about the 1998 or 1999 – then it vanished. On Concretizations album there are some of the basic/ conceptual/ raw experiments, but some are already veritable compositions. The title is of course allusion at musique concrete, because mostly the raw materials were used, and the rest were instruments – again as materials.

The production was going on in the late and night hours in the old studio of Radio Študent. Then there was not much digital equipment, but I could make use of a number of high quality open-reel tape recorders and microphones.

Long time before – around 1979-80 – in this same studio some of the electroacoustic music experimenters were also working: Bor Turel, Boštjan Perovšek and Slobodan Valentinčič. Their recordings survived in the archives of Radio Student and were a decisive push to re-introduce the experimental music and sound production at Radiu Student.