Etnobanda: MetastazaB – Omnibus

Etnobanda – MetastazaB – Omnibus

Project group: Etnobanda (Bogdana Herman, Stefan Doepner, Borut Savski, Milena Kosec)
Title: MetastazaB – Omnibus
Year of production: 2008

Etnobanda – Borut Savski (08:36)
Etnobanda – Stefan Doepner (12:16)
Etnobanda – Milena Kosec (09:56)
Etnobanda – Bogdana Herman (08:58)
Etnobanda – rehearsal in Unity (10:19)
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Performence Omnibus by the project group Etnobanda is on the surface a linearization (putting in sequence) of the memory artefacts, that we generate every time anew. Associatevely – as human memory works – we put them in line, more or less in random (so: nonlinear and even in parallel), but again only in sequence. In this manner photographs, movies and texts interweave – the identity moments of members of the group – and finally crystalize into an entity- a story. Story is like a rationalization – always (in the end) – just another story is born. So: four stories and the fifth.

The fifth is “rehearsal in Sloga” (a joke with words and meanings: Sloga is a former porn cinema, where the event was first supposed to take place – the word meaning Unity…).

All the five stories are improvised – created in parallel and at first still escaping the structure. “Fil rouge” are the sound and human voice, that can coexist in parallel / in time much easier than the (culturally) much “harder” visualised story. The time limits (the defined start an end) glues them together into a finite entity. The finite (definit) time is the moment (as element of time; and moment as force) that demands that a story always emerges.