Areal Vélez, Leskovšek, Savski – Argumental Landscapes

On the occasion of Mike Hentz’ Mental Landscapes lecture at Cirkulacija 2 – a concert occurred: Javier Areal Vélez – Argentinian composer and guitar improviser came. Claiming to be open to any kind of participation he was joined by the two local strummers: Leskovšek and Savski. The recording is very good, so we decided to put it on Trivia Records.

Title: Argumental Landscapes
Artists: Javier Areal Vélez, Boštjan Leskovšek, Borut Savski
Recorded: live on 18th June 2017
Genre: improv
Label website:

Javier Areal Vélez – Argentinian composer and improviser. Javier performs mostly on electric guitar, with or without things stuffed between its strings. His approach relies heavily on a primal technique that emphasizes timbre and rhythm, and avoids traditional forms in favor of intensity, dynamic contrast and general strangeness. The physicality of his interactions with the guitar creates sonic outcomes not usually defined by any specific genre.