CV Savski


Borut Savski, born in 1960 in Ljubljana, is an intermedia artist, composer and producer who places great emphasis on sound – while using technical solutions for unusual instruments and autonomous sound and visual structures / sculptures. Closely related to this are the microsocial situations in which he enters and / or creates them.

During the years 1979-1984 he studied electronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. From 1984 he worked at Radio Študent Ljubljana, between 1993 and 1997 he was regularly employed at Radio Študent as the head of the organization and implementation of the program.

The first sound experiments in the studio of Radio Študent Ljubljana in 1994. After 1997, a kind of keeper of the initiative Ministry for Experiment on Radio Študent, established for research and use of new media (initiative of Marko Košnik).

In 1997 he participated in the organization and implementation of the pioneering international project of combining radio media and the Internet Xtended Live Radio (concept by Ulf Freyhoff and Monika Glahn). In 1998, he co-authored an international platform for Internet activities at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz.

On Radio Študent, he started the show Huda ura, in which he presents sound art from a philosophical point of view.

Huda ura


Huda ura: Remains of the day

Since 1999, he has been creating independently and regularly in the field of art and civil society, and likes to write and publish essays. embraced fundamental preoccupations – these are parallels with the social.

The basic approach is at the level of metaphors – points where transfers / translations of meanings / motives / motivations take place between different discussion fields.

Artistic production is always parallel and intertwined with other production. Technology, programming, music, view of society, creating temporary micro-societies. Various and numerous collaborations, organizations and co-organizations of events / festivals.

He works intensively independently and in associations of which he is a member: KUD Trivia and Cirkulacija 2.

Various concepts, devices, approaches, situations – as well as collaborations with musicians and other artists. The builds usually manifest as autonomous structures – either as instruments, moving objects, software programs, etc.

Co-founder of the artistic society Trivia in 2004. In 2006 he organized the festival Vmesni prostori with KUD Trivia, a year later the launch of Trivia Records, which released three printed CDs and over 50 online albums.

The video -generative approaches with Videographics series.

In 2007 co-founding of the intermedia initiative Cirkulacija 2.

Borut Savski has been self-employed in culture (->artist) since 2004 with a description of an intermedia artist, composer and producer.

For work in the field of electronic experimental music and collaborative art, Cirkulacija 2 received the Golden Nest Award in 2010.

2006 to 2010 preparation of music for three dance performances by Mateja Bučar.

Collaboration with Milena Kosec, Bogdana Herman and Stefan Doepner in the Ethnoband project.

After 2010 with Bogdana Herman The newly composed Slovene folk, which was revived in a new form in 2016 and disappeared again in 2018.

In parallel, a series of interactive autonomous structures / sculptures of the Strained Structures series.

Quite a few tours in the international space and in most locations in Slovenia.

Strained Structures I, II and III (2011; as part of the exhibition Robot Museum, UGM – Maribor Art Gallery).

In 2012 transfer of the exhibition to the AA Gallery in Venice / Italy (only Strained Structure III: Tree of Life).

Solo exhibition of the Tree of Life / Strained Structure III in the Metropolis / Kapelica gallery (2012; produced by KUD Trivia).

Development and production of a midi-sequencer based on the Arduino – Cirkulino microcontroller (2012; workshops).

Multimedia performance / presentation / concert at the club Clubs in Zurich / Switzerland – Music is dead II / Life of samples – moire samples with the help of a computer (2013; co-production KUD Trivia, BioTehna / gallery Kapelica), Strained Structure IV: Flowers of Evil (2013; within the mini-festival Cirkulacije 2 in the gallery Aksioma: Sound of the organism – Organism of sound; and in the project room SCCA Ljubljana). Strained structures II, III and IV in the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Celje (2013).

Development and production of a microprocessor device for generating moire samples Life of samples / moire generator (2013; production of KUD Trivia and artist himself).