Ved Lemar @ Monokel

V petek k nam prihaja vzhajajoča zvezda hrvaške elektronske plesne scene – Ved Lemar, ki se po nastopih v večjih evropskih prestopnicah, tokrat prvič predstavlja tudi ljubljanskemu občinstvu. Tokrat v živo s saksofonom!

** DACHO Live Saxophone **

…DJ Ved LeMar, full name Vedran Marić, 22-year old dj from croatian city called Poreč. His first touch with djing was when he tried to present music that he listen to his friends. He got good feedback and started working seriously. He approached with a lot of enthusiasm and found a perfect mix of modern and nostalgic sound. Very soon, his quality has been recognized by MTV and he is frequent guest on their parties in last few years. That makes his career goes even faster and he gets a lot of invitations from Croatian clubs, but also from Barcelona, Wein, Milano, London. Ved LeMar is not type of dj that just plays other tracks, he is trying to make some new sound from those tracks. His power for going on lays down in connection with crowd and love for the music, that makes him unstopable so his sets sometimes takes 6 hours and more. He plays many subgenres of house in his sets, trying to catch as many as possible people on the dancefloor with that. Vedran proved that music is his world, where he knows how to act and find a way to the crowd.

Za garderobo in varnost bo poskrbljeno!

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