organisation of lesbians

What is LL?

First initiative for founding lesbian group reaches back in 1985 when Lilit (feminist group) was founded.

Lesbian section LL was then founded in 1987 as part of ŠKUC (Students Cultural Centre). Its first action was a supplement ťLets Love WomenŤ in Mladina magazine (controversial youth magazine). From the beginning LL was a part of Lilit, but from 1988 it is an independent organisation.

The aims of LL were to cover a wide area of lesbian specifics, culture, movement, life style. The results were very successful projects in the past: two numbers of Lesbozine (look history for details), Week of Lesbian Films, literature evenings, lectures, International Lesbian Camp on Rab (Croatia), only women dancing evenings.

Group is forming public opinion and at the same time actions inside the lesbian society were done. To support these actions a lot of conversations were prepared about forming lesbian identity, coming out, homophobia, lesbian relationships, lesbian mothers.

Our society does not have any tradition in lesbian movement. This is the reason, why we have to fight for the right for existence. So the primary and basic aim of the group is getting to know each other, socialisation, psychosocial support and establishing socially secured space for lesbians. All of these activities would enable undisturbed development of identity, aspirations, culture, in short lesbian life style. As is stated in our programme, we are not only isolated from the society but also from each other. Breaking down a society’s silence on ťdifferent womenŤ and bringing women together is now the main task of our group.

The group cooperates closely with Lilit (feminist group). From founding Roza klub as political organisation of homosexuals, in 1990, it joined this initiative also.

LL is active on international level as well. The group is a member of ILIS and ILGA. An intensive cultural (magazines, information, conferences) exchange is running for many years between LL and similar foreign groups.

ILGA = International Lesbian and Gay Association
ILIS = International Lesbian Information Service

Škuc – LL
Metelkova 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386-1-4327-306
fax: +386-1-2329-185
email: sekcijaskuc (at) mail (dot) ljudmila (dot) org

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