Eko strip, com, 1995 - 96; this terribly exciting contest was published in cooperation with the LJubljana based ecological group Zivo Zeleni (Living Green) that was followed by Eko-Buger, 9th release of comic magazine Stripburger, and several exhibitions we all loved very much.
Elvis de Luxe Saundtrek, mu, 1995; the compilation CD with various Slovene bands covering tracks played by Elvis. The CD was released as a part of the Elvis de Luxe theatre project by Grejpfrut (this is Slovene for grapefruit, you know) from Ljubljana, produced by Glej.
Eva Rohrman, pers; the frightening under-paid assasin chief of Forum Ljubljana, an institute for arts and cultural production and V.S. Video, that is producing various video projects (producer of the 2227: Iíve Seen That.... Like It Is video clip) and video films.
Eye - Sore, Ox Compilation # 23, mu, 1996;
the compilation that appears together with each issue of the very great German Ox Fanzine and is of course published by it. On 23rd release 2227 appears with the No Brains No Tumors track, so dear to all of us.