TAM-TAM, org; the organization that does the postering in Ljubljana; sponsored many Strip Core project by offering free service; also sponsor of projects by other Ljubljana based artists.
The Drug of the Natyon, proj, 1996; the multimedia project, part of the Phoenix project; it involves various Ljubljana based artist and has its own page, so click there and read more about.
The Netherlands Strikes Back, ps, 1992; the poster designed by Strip Core announcing the festival presenting various Dutch artists.

Tivoli studio, org; the studio in which most of the material from 2227ís debut CD was recorded. Then it burned, but is now one of the best equiped European recording studios. Cool.
Torax, art group; duo of designers that designed 2227ís second CD () and the tape untitled No Brains No Tumors, plus the poster promoting these releases. Also duosigned the Strip Core 1989-95, Official Postcard book (). They work as free lanceers.
Trans Europe Halles, EU, li;
the network of European independent cultural centers; in few of those 2227 (Confort Moderne, Kulturfabrik, Rote Fabrik, LíUsine) have performed.
Trnfest, screen, 1995; the summer festival in the yard of KUD France Preseren. The 2227 clips were shown there.
Trust, li; great German music fanzine. Just celebrated their tenth anniversary.