V. S. Video, org; the producer of video projects, currently mainly video films; part of the Forum Ljubljana institute for art and cultural production; producer of the 2227: Iíve Seen That... Like It Is video clip ().
Venlo, gr, 1993;
the graffiti created at the De Slovenen komen festival in OOC Perron in Venlo (NL).
Vinilmanija, org; label, distribution and music shop based in Ljubljana that released 2227ís tape untitled Stripcore.
Voodoo Freicore, ps, 1993;
the poster designed by Strip Core for the concert of Voodoo Freicore organized by Strip Core.
VPK, org; video production studio; also producer of the 2227: Iíve Seen That...Like It Is () and the 2227: No Brains No Tumors () video clips.