I've Seen That... Like It Is, vi, 1993; The video clip () covering two tracks: Iíve Seen That Head Before and Like It Like It Is from 2227ís debut CD Stripcore, released by Strip Core / Forum. Screened all around the place.
Ilija Terrah, pers; the photographer, painter, radio guy; a member of Strip Core since 1995.
Ilir, gr, 1994; the first graffiti made at the Bistriski dnevi Ď94 festival in Ilirska Bistrica (SLO) there is one more.
Innocent When You Dream, vi; the video clip - cartoon animation by Oliver Marceta for the Innocent When You Dream track from 2227ís CD No Brains No Tumors. The guy did it with coffee.
Internet Underground Music Archive, li;