SCCA, li; Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Ljubljana works in the frame of OSI-Slovenia, and besides some other Strip Core projects has (partly) supported also the construction of this web site.
Sebastjan Staric, pers; a dangerous member of Fourklor physical dance theatre that appears on the2227: No Brains No Tumors video clip().
Serious Road Trip, li; humanitarian organization that helped people in Sarajevo and whose convoy also kept a programme in Channel Zero club in Metelkova. Good luck, guys!
Signed By War, exh, 1995; the international comic exibition selected by AWA Foundation that in organization of Stripburger's crew took place in SKUC Gallery . It was the first international exhibition of comics in Slovenia, and everybody liked it for that.
Simpatiko, gr, 1990; the graffiti created by Strip Core at the international graffiti festival Coloriamo lo sport in Milan (I) in 1990.
Sinisa Lopojda, pers; the photographer; author of cover photo of the 2227ís No Brains No Tumors CD ().
SLO I.R.P. 1/92 V/A, mu, 1992; the compilation CD featuring 2227ís track Watch-a-gonna do?, released by Ropot & Nika in 1992.
SLO Wochenende, exh, 1993; at this event with the ugly name organized by EICC and placed in KV Kulturkanal in Schwertberg (A) Strip Core took part with instalation of graffiti slides and live performance of 2227.
Soundgarden, org; the music shop in Ljubljana owned by Dare Hocevar, musician and producer of the 2227ís second CD () and our favourite sponsor of the release.
Spaceman, gr, 1992; the graffiti created by Strip Core for the 92 Project, at which the first exhibition of Strip Core graffiti was held.
Stafek, gr, 1990; one more graffiti created at the international graffiti festival Coloriamo lo sport in Milan in 1990. There were more, but others are stolen. Well, this one was stolen too.
Stan Red Fox, ps, 1992; the poster designed by Strip Core for the concert of Stan Red Fox (Berlin) in Ljubljana organized by Strip Core.
Stanka Brljevic, pers; the fine artist; member of the Bris art group; author of animations in the 2227: Iíve Seen That... Like It Is() video clip. Also took part in Anti-nazi project organized and produced by Strip Core in 1993.
Straw Dogs, ps, 1989; the poster designed by Strip Core for the concert of Straw Dogs (Boston) in Ljubljana organized by Strip Core.
Strip and Sound Festival, exh, screen, 1995; the festival that happened in 1995 in Skopje (Macedonia) and consisted from an exhibition of comics by various authors and publisher from the teritory of ex-Yugoslavia and a 2 day concert of various bands. Strip Core took part with the comic exhibition, video and slide projections of other works by Strip Core. The comic exhibition is still somewhere there.
Strip Core 1989 - 95, Official Postcard Book, exh, screen, proj, ps, publ, 1995;
Strip Core 1989-95 was the project that joined again all various activities of Strip Core at one place. Besides the exhibitions, video program and live performance by 2227, the project also presented the new releases from Strip Core: Strip Core 1989-95, Offical Postcard Book - the catalogue in form of the postcard book covering all the activities of Strip Core, Stripburger No. 6 and 2227's CD No Brains No Tumors.
Strip Party, exh, 1994; the exhibition in the Channel Zero club in Metelkova joined the works of comic artists publishing in Stripburger and those working for the Mladina magazine.
Stripburger Magazine, publ, com; the only Slovenian comic magazine - first issue was released in 1992 by Strip Core; there have been already 10 regular issues covering news and presenting works by comic artists from international comics community released, plus 2 special editions by Slovene author Matjaz Bertoncelj. We're proud of that.
Stripcore, mu, publ, 1993; The debut CD by 2227, released in 1993 by Strip Core.
Stripdaagen in Turnhout, exh, 1995; the annual festival that took place in 1995 in Turnhout (B); Stripburger presented it's releases at the festival.
Studio 26, Radio Slovenija, org; the studio in which first tracks by 2227: Watch-a-gonna do?, Big Blues and Rolling Stoned were produced; the studio was the sponsor of those tracks; at that time the studio that belongs to the national radio station supported also the recordings of material of other Slovene young, noncommercial music groups, not bad, ha?