Dallas, org; the label and distributor, doing also the avalanche distribution of 2227ís releases in Slovenia.
Damjan Kocjancic, pers; a very tall photographer; member of Strip Core since 1995.
Dare Hocevar, pers; the popular bass player and owner of the Soundgarden music shop in Ljubljana; produced 2nd 2227ís CD untitled No Brains No Tumors and 3 tracks (Sarlo budi nezan, Innocent When You Dream) from their 7" vynil ().
De Ark, exh, 1993; the presentation of young Slovene art scene as part of offical program of Antwerpen - European Cultural Capital, that then took place in Gent (!?), in a place called Vooruit to be exact (an ex-communist house with great lasagne, can't wait to check the italian houses). Strip Core exhibited selection of graffiti paintings at the event.
De Slovenen komen, live, 1993; at the festival presenting younger Slovene art production, Strip Core did live painting; also 2227 as a trio played a show at the event. We went there as counterattack.
Die unendliche Gechischte, com, 1995: German version of the title Never Ending (Hi)Story ( ). They say muter for mother, too.
Do I Remember the Dream or Do I Dream the Memory, mu, 1996; is the second production by the Fourklor dance theatre aviation troup. 2227 then created the music for this production.
Dusan Teropsic, pers; another camicase member of Fourklor physical theatre that appears in the 2227: No Brains No Tumors video clip().