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Pan studio, org; the studio where the album No Brains No Tumors () by 2227 was unbelievably succesfully recorded.
Perspective Zero, exh, 1996; as part of the antologic exhibition of Slovene comics in Celje (SLO), Stripburgerís crew was invited to do a special exhibition that they untitled Perspective Zero.
Phoenix, proj, li, 1996;
multimedia project initated by Trans Europe Halles. It has something to do with work and time.
Pre-stab Festival, live, 1990;
at the festival presenting young Ljubljana artistsí production, Strip Core painted the entrance of the 2B cultural centre in Eindhoven, where the festival took place. The festival was a part of broader cultural exchange.
Project 92, proj, exh, 1992; took place in January 1992 in KUD France Preseren, as the first project by Strip Core in which the visitors were able to witness the results of various Strip Core creativity at one spot. Every visitor was served the Strip Core cocktail.