La Zone, Liege (B), cc; the cultural center where 2227 played a show in 1996. Guys are publishing Devor-Rock fanzine (in French) and do various other things. Great crew.
Le Caveau, li;
another nice place that 2227 played in.
Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers (F), cc; the independent cultural center, member of European network Trans Europe Halles. 2227 played in 1996 on the Trans Europe Halles festival there. Great place that hosted a lots of artists from various art fields.
Le Jimmy, cc, Bordeaux (F); the rockíníroll bar in the rockíníroll capital of France. 2227 played there in March 1996.
Ljudmila, li ; the famous Ljubljana Digital Media Lab where among other things also this amasing site is growing.