Festival d'Affiches, exh, 1993; at this annual and also international poster festival in France, Strip Coreís posters: Voodoo Freicore () and Bulimia Banquet () were exhibited as one of the finalists, of course.
Firstmay's 3rd Saint Marsh, exh, 1996; Puntizela (CRO) hosted this event and Stripburger took part with the exhibition of some of the comics from the magazine we do.
For Metelkova, live, 1991; the event was ment to turn attention of the public on demands of Ljubljana independent artists and art/cultural institutions to get the empty Metelkova ex-army barrack for their use. Strip Core took part with live painting of graffiti in the old part of the city at the riverside of Ljubljanica. They're gone now...
Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society, exh, 1995; at the festival presenting young Ljubljana artists in Utrecht (NL) Strip Core took part with exhibition of comics, reproductions of graffiti, video program and a show of 2227, terrible tempo.
Forth into the Past, mu, 1995;
the video film directed by Marko A. Kovacic (our man) and produced by V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana is including songs from 2227ís No Brains No Tumors CD ().
Forum Ljubljana, org; The Institute for Art and Culture, based in Ljubljana. Unites numerous artists and producers working on various field of art, such as V.S. Video, Strip Core, Ema Kugler... hm, and others.
Fourklor, art group; the Fourklor physical dance theatre took part in the 2227: No Brains No Tumors
() video clip, produced by Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana and VPK. 2227 created music for their 2nd production Do I Dream the Memory or Do I Remember the Dream. The guys are suicidal.
Franci Rainer, pers; the technican and producer of several 2227ís tracks, we'll be working together again...
Furti d'autore, exh, live, 1992; at the international event in sad Trieste (I) Strip Core had an exhibition of graffiti and painted live. Some good artists came.