Biennale of Young Artists, Rijeka, exh, 1995;
at the very official Rijeka biennale (CRO) Strip Core was presented with two loosely framed graffiti paintings. OK?
Biennale of Young Mediteranian Artists, Lisbon, exh, 1994; at the biennale in Lisboa (P) Stripburger presented young slovenian comic artists. This seemed all right at the time.
Bistriski Dnevi '94, live, 1994; at this particular festival in Ilirska Bistrica (SLO) Strip Core graffiti artists painted two graffiti: Ilir () and Olgi ().
Bitef Teatar, screen, 1994;
as a part of the Slovenian Video Today event in the Bitef teatre, on the edge of a very stinky market, the 2227: Iíve Seen That... Like It Is video clip was shown.
Bojan Brecelj, pers; the photographer that took photos of Strip Core works for Strip Core 1989-95 catalogue. He's blond.
Boris Bacic, pers; this is the tough editor in chief of the Stripburger comic magazine () also author of cover photo of the 2227ís debut CD untitled Stripcore, released in 1993.
Borut Beden, pers; a technician on debut CD Stripcore by 2227 recorded in the Tivoli studio in Ljubljana.
Brane Zdralo, pers; the technician wizard repairing electornical stuff destroyed by Strip Core, also taking part in The Drug of the Natyon multimedia project.
Branko Potocan, pers; the flying choreographer and dancer; took part in various dance projects; in 1994 formed his own theatre group Fourklor, that performed in the 2227: No Brains No Tumors video clip () directed by Mirko Simic & 2227. With Fourklor he's also taking a part in The Drug of the Natyon project.
Bris, art group; this complex duo was formed by Mirko Simic & Stanka Brljevic in 1989; besides various solo projects collaborated also in Anti-Nazi project in 1993 and in 2227: Iíve Seen That... Like It Is video clip, both produced by Strip Core.
Bulimia Banquet, ps, 1991; the cute poster designed by Strip Core for the concert of Bulimia Banquet that was supposed to take place in KUD France Preseren in 1991.