Neven A. Korda, pers; the video artists with a long history on the alternative scene, winner of some prizes for his works and the editor of the 2227: Iíve Seen That... Like It Is video clip
Never Ending (His)story, proj, 1995; the project consisted of contest for best comics on theme: struglle agains intollerance, followed by the Stripburger No 8 issue ( ) in the form of 1996 calendar and several exhibition of selected works.
No Border Jam 2 V/A, mu, 1993; the compilation CD with Slovene and German bands, released by Front Rock. The 2227's Big Blues song is released on this CD.
No Brains No Tumors, mu, publ, vi, 1995; the second CD by 2227 released on Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana in 1995. The video clip No Brains No Tumors was dedicated to this release.
Noorderligt, Tilburg, (NL), li; the cultural center; a member of the Trans Europe Halles network. Hello Fons.